Hot Tubs

Fontaine | Wooden hot tub Ø180 cm with polypropylene inside

Use wood-fired hot tubs for the best health experience. When you relax and enjoy the warm water, you are in an open-air environment, blending with nature. Have you seen yourself enjoying with your friends or relatives in this beautiful hot tub?

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This hot tub is made of durable spruce wood with high-quality polypropylene inside to help extend the life of the hot tub. The hot tub is equipped with stainless steel tube, entrainer and wood stove. There are wooden stools around the hot tub, protectors around and in front of the stove, with shelves, you can conveniently use it as a minibar. The hot tub is equipped with wooden lids, pedals and paddles to quickly distribute the temperature in the hot tub.