Valandra 2-seater hot tub

Valandra 2 hot tubs

This great 2 hot tub was built to the highest standards. With directional and rotating nozzles, it can provide a perfect massage. It is equipped with Gecko electronics, including K300 touchpad, and is equipped with lights and ozone All bathtubs are equipped with heat shields and various side claddings.

Bristol Hot Tubs

Covana OASIS is not only a hot tub cover, but also an automated, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use gazebo! The LED lighting system aims to create a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere through the combination of 7 colors.

Valandra 2 seater hot tub

COVANA EVOLUTION provides a wide range of solutions because it is compatible with square hot tubs ranging from 7’to 8’and rectangular units ranging from 8’x 9’to 8’x 11′. It is also the first round automatic solution The hot tub is 8 feet long. The HORIZON model is very popular among consumers, especially because of its innovative and avant-garde tilting device, which is an indispensable automated spa solution. With Covana LEGEND, your swimming spa will be easier to access and use than ever before! In almost any weather conditions, the lid can be retracted by just turning the key, and in just a few seconds, you can dive in and enjoy it without worrying about the bulky lid (it is fully automatic!).