Delivery & Installation

Ensure safe delivery during COVID-19 (coronavirus)
We know that our appliances are necessary for daily cleaning, cooking and food storage-especially during this health crisis. To ensure that you receive the appliances that need to be delivered when you need them, we have implemented new safety procedures during the delivery and installation process to ensure the health and safety of our delivery team and you.

– We call ahead to ensure that the installer can safely enter your home. If someone is sick or at risk, you can reschedule the delivery time or accept roadside deliveries to your garage, carport or porch.
-The appliances are cleaned and disinfected before delivery. Our installers will carry and use disinfectants, cleaning cloths, gloves, disinfectants and masks when visiting your home in accordance with CDC guidelines.
– The tools of our installers are disinfected between each delivery, so every home we deliver remains safe.
– Installers maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from anyone in your home when delivering and installing your equipment, and work quickly to minimize the time spent there.

✔ Delivery
Our well-trained authorized delivery agent will deliver, unpack and inspect all appliances in your order. We will remove all packaging materials in your home.

✔ Installation
Your appliance will be in place, leveled and connected to the existing appropriate power source. We will test and make sure they can be used.

✔ tow away
Replace existing equipment? no problem. We will move them to another location in your home or take them away for recycling without you having to pay extra.

Note: Delivery agents are not authorized to do carpentry, plumbing or electrical work. Device connection services and fees may vary by state or local area. For more detailed information, please read our FAQ to understand everything that our installation includes.

Prepare for your delivery
✔ Make sure you have a suitable power outlet, gas shut-off valve, water supply and shut-off valve or exhaust source required for installation. View equipment requirements

✔ Clear the channel and measure the expected installation area to confirm that the equipment is suitable.

✔ If you want to relocate or tow away existing equipment, please empty them.

✔ Coordinate in advance any special passages required by the delivery agent-gate passages, parking permits, etc.

✔ Keep all pets behind the door before the delivery agent arrives.

✔ Make sure that someone 18 years of age or older is present at the appointment time.