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Have your own luxury spa, isn’t this what you dream of? Fonteyn Spas can make your dreams come true. We are the largest spa specialist in the Netherlands. In our atmospheric spa showroom, you can always find a spa that suits your needs. Whether it’s a whirlpool, zwemspa or hot tub. Take a moment to view our more than 100 spas in the showroom.

Indoor or outdoor spa Our spa is suitable for indoors, but especially for outdoors. Whether it is a garden, balcony or terrace. Fonteyn Spas offers different spa baths. Can you imagine yourself enjoying your own spa? Relax, no need to go out! At Fonteyn, we have more than 900 spa bathtubs from stock! We can always provide you with spa services as quickly as you want.

Custom spa bath Did you know that we produce complete spa bathtubs ourselves in the workshop? We are happy to help you meet all your specific requirements. Are you looking for a spa with a specific size, automatic cleaning method, or specific location of massage nozzles? At Fonteyn Spas, anything is possible. In addition, we offer many luxury spas from the United States. Fonteyn Spas can be found in large gardens and spa showrooms around the world. You can spend time here to admire our beautiful hot spring bath. As early as 1979, our spa was full of enthusiasm. No wonder we are the leader in the Dutch spa market.

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We have our own spa installation and service team. In this way, we can guarantee that you can enjoy your hot spring bath in the coming years. In addition, we provide a comprehensive warranty for the first two years of the spa you purchased. We hope to see you soon in our inspiring spa showroom in Uder!

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